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If you are looking to put in an elevator look no further. We offer several options, a roped hydraulic unit, winding drum unit, and a gearless.

Roped Hydraulic- designed for reliability and easy maintenance where the hydraulic cylinder is completely above the ground, safe from oil leaks and corrosion. It does not require penetration below the pit level nor does it require additional overhead room for the elevator machine. Our vibration-free submersible hydraulic power unit is located in a room or space outside of the elevator hoistway where it is simple and safe to access and eliminates the disturbance from any machine noise within the elevator car as found with other designs.

Smart Drum- A bit more modestly priced unit for those applications where space is an issue this type of system eliminates the need for a separate machine room. We utilize the space at the top of the elevator hoistway for the driving machine.

Gearless- uses a Traction Sheave Drive for a quieter, cleaner and more efficient ride that has a lower total cost of ownership due to inherent design features that avoid wear on the most critical parts. We use a fully counter-balanced design and high efficiency components.


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